We have both expanded the first edition’s Prácticas individuales and turned them into interactive exercises as Prácticas electrónicas. These exercises are self-checking, providing learners with immediate feedback. There is no need to flip to answers in another section of the book. Exercises designed for in-class work or homework, however, remain in the textbook where we have made revisions and additions.

The interactive exercises focus on individual practice and skill development with forms and rules. We chose to make them self-correcting because the answers are fairly predictable. Learners complete them outside of class and after reading each lesson’s Presentación as part of the preparation for the next class. Following this order will strengthen learners’ command of basic forms and rules so that they can use them more effectively in class work and writing assignments.

Special note to students

For a comprehensive check of what you have learned so far in the course, try to do each exercise up to the current lesson’s assignments without looking at the book. If you do need to consult a dictionary or the book’s Presentación again, feel free to do so because these Prácticas electrónicas are for your benefit. Reuse them as often as necessary for review, and see your instructor about any points that continue giving you trouble.